It’s time for you to achieve your goals and get a life you love. 

No one wants to be a robot. Even if hidden, we have deep desires to live meaningful and rewarding lives! Many women are identifying their authentic self and their dreams, finding their purpose, and bringing various elements in their lives into alignment to support their dreams and purpose.  Like a domino effect they are in turn influencing and impacting their family, community and the world – all for the better. And Layne Change is here to support this ripple effect!

Layne, Maven of Change

Meet Layne– every woman’s woman.  She is the composite voice of  many beautiful, wise, and dynamic women.  Layne knows about a woman’s journey; she has worked with a variety of people, experiences, challenges, tools, and “paths” for personal success and happiness. She shares encouragement, insight, tips and ideas to help women on their own “lane” or path to happiness.

If you are ready to make a few changes or need a complete overhaul you can access strategies and techniques for bringing your life into focus, harmony and fulfillment here at Layne Change.


Get support for living your dreams and living your purpose.

Layne Change helps women who want it all to make the changes needed to accomplish important goals and to create a  deeply rewarding life.

We provide:

  • Inspiration and useful tips and tools to help you live a satisfied life through free articles and stories
  • Guidance and steps to help you align your life with your purpose through professional coaching  programs and workbooks
  • Structure, accountability, and encouragement for you on a very important goals through coaching and self-paced programs
  • Skills and principles needed to boost confidence  and momentum and the  support and collaboration with others through small group coaching circles

Get started with Layne

The simple and practical tips and processes Layne shares with you will help you to get clarity about who you are and what you want, create and execute actions that bring your vision into reality, and create a remarkable, rewarding life you really want.

Layne’s products and programs can help you jump-start your path. The coaching programs are spot on for those who are ready to dig in and accomplish specific goals

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