About Layne Change

Practical Coaching and Mentoring for Women


We provoke and challenge

·         Status quo

·         Limited thinking

·         Negative self-talk

·         Assumptions

·         Worry

·         Doubt

·         Fear

To help women get out from behind themselves and live…authentically ~ on purpose ~with joy!


We encourage, build-up, inspire, guide and facilitate the process of:

 ·      gaining clarity of vision and purpose

·        adoption of timeless success principles

·        execution and maintenance of changes that matter!


Layne Change is a resource for women who want to live remarkable lives and make an impact on their family, their community and the world – in their own special way. Insightful and practical articles with tips, tools and guidance are presented by Layne and occasional guests.  Coach Danette presents programs based on tools and systems used by many others achieving their goals, dreams and personal fulfillment.

Layne, The Maven of Chang

Layne, The Maven of Change

Meet Layne, the Maven of Change

Layne is a composite of many women  (and some men) who provided support, encouragement, nurturing, unconditional love, belief, dialogue, a listening ear and sometimes a “kick-in-the arse” to the creator, Danette Layne, through many transitions in life.



Coach Danette

Coach Danette

Meet Coach Danette

Along my path or my la(y)ne in this life I have heard – or received – a variety of messages about identity, worth and purpose. I have accumulated many definitions and experiences of success and happiness.  Sometimes life unfolded before me beautifully other times I took a few detours, crossed some rocky terrain, or just plain got lost.

Looking for direction I was blessed with many women (and men) in my life who were supportive, collaborative, and encouraging. These women seem to be grounded, come from a place of joy and abundance, and have what I call “good vibes”.  I have also experienced women who seem more competitive, suspicious, judgmental and operate from fear and insecurity.  I’ve learned from both.

Additionally, I pursued advanced degrees and certifications in personal and professional development and have shared my knowledge with individuals, teams, businesses and community organizations.  I have worked with employees, managers, small business owners, executives, neighbors, and community leaders.

I created Layne, the Maven of Change, and Layne Change to share the collective wisdom, tools, techniques, and success principles that I have gained from learning and from living. It is my hope that you would find Layne Change to be a favorite hang-out place.  A place to find support for your hopes and dreams, equipped to overcome doubt, worry, fear, and live with intention so that you can live a rewarding and remarkable life.

 We want to meet YOU!

We are curious…..are you:

  • fairly happy and want to expand your vision
  • wanting to get your life aligned with your VIP (very important purpose)
  • sometimes confused and want to clarify dreams
  • excited about a little digging to excavate your most authentic self
  • someone who values connection and collaboration with other women
  • needing to prune your self talk
  • ready to shred limiting beliefs
  • very inspired and want to accomplish a VIG (very important goal)
  • appreciative of a practical tool or system to help make small improvements
  • desiring freedom to do what you love with the people you love

Is that you?  If so, it’s a pleasure to meet you!

Not you? It’s a pleasure to meet you as well!

Perhaps you know someone that may want to hang out here? If so – please share our page with them.

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Layne & Coach Danette