~ Accomplish a goal and live on purpose ~

Imagine….finally accomplishing that goal!

Imagine…..feeling refreshed and energetic as things flow and unfold in your life according to your purpose or dreams.

For those who need a some minor tweaking or major shifting to bring the “stuff” in your life into alignment with your purpose or accomplish a specific goal that is very important to you, you are ready to work with a coach.

Coach Danette

Coach Danette

As your coach I will:

  • Help you sort through clutter and get clarity
  • Listen to you
  • Accept you and your dream without judgment
  • Challenge, push, and motivate you
  • Support and believe in you
  • Help you to recover from set back and stay on track
  • Acknowledge your success and hard work in pursuit of your goal
  • Sort out ideas, options and help facilitate your action
  • Guide you using your values and dreams

How coaching works

First we have a short session to see if coaching is a good fit for you and for me.

Then we have routine, consistent sessions every two weeks for 3 or more months.  The initial session is designed to get very clear about what is important to you – your role, your goal, your values and my role in the process.

Subsequent sessions are designed to make rapid progress toward a specific goal like changing jobs, finding a way to volunteer, identifying your mission or more general goals like getting more harmony and focus in your life. We will co-create assignments for you to complete between sessions that support and accomplish your goal.

Through coaching I can help you keep on track, move past your obstacles, offer ideas that challenge assumptions and limited thinking, provide observations of patterns that keep you stuck, and provide encouragement when it gets tough.  I will celebrate your accomplishments and victories no matter how small or how grand!

A. Esprit de Corps Coaching with Danette

Esprit de Corps means Group Spirit. For those who are ready to rock and roll and those who enjoy learning and supporting others while working on your own individual goals, Esprit de Corps Coaching may just be just the ticket!

Every two weeks for 3 months you will remove the pressures of the world and attend a phone or in-person Esprit de Corp meeting  that puts the focus on you – your goals, your plans and your progress.  Group size is limited to 8 people to ensure active participation and individual attention. This is a fun, but serious and collaborative way to work on your goals.

Learn more about our Esprit de Corps Coaching Programs:

  • Calibrate – get calibrated by creating a meaningful road-map based on your authentic sense of identity, your values, your vision and your purpose.
  • Drive –  coaching to accomplish a specific goal or result

Email me if interested in Esprit de Corps Coaching:

B. Private Coaching with Danette

For those who desire more individual, one-on-one attention or who wish to have more confidentiality – a limited number of coaching appointments are available for qualified candidates.

Email me if interested in Private Coaching:

Here is what others say about working with Coach Danette:

“Danette cares about my life and where it is going; I get honesty, she pulls the truth out of me, sometimes surprising myself in the process.  Danette will ask the questions not many people do, she will dig into get the truth and will make me look at other angles.  She will help me make the decisions that are right for me and my situation.  She takes from our past conversations and guides me in ways that are consistent with what she knows I value.  She offers me a new way to think, she motivates me.  She is real, has a wealth of knowledge and has a passion for helping others”.  JS, Client

“Danette has the ability to make each person feel valuable and special. She is one of the best coaches I’ve ever sought advice from.  She delicately pushes me to see others views as valid and makes me feel safe and secure in my dealings with her.  She is kind, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable in her dealings with others – which makes her so special and effective.  It’s a pleasure working with her”.  VA, Client